Vera Realty on Inman – Guide to working with foreign homebuyers in Miami

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Miami is a renowned destination for foreign buyers looking for a home in the sun.

  • Median prices in South Florida vary greatly and cater to all budgets
  • Young homebuyers in Miami seek out more active neighborhoods that tend to be more expensive
  • Miami-Dade itself tends to attract more affluent homebuyers

Miami is a renowned destination for residential property thanks to its attractive lifestyle. Excluding the palm trees and endless beaches, it is home to an affluent and educated multicultural population that all mingle within this world-famous cultural melting pot.

There are many different property options for all buyers, and local agents should have a clear understanding of how to work with these individuals.

“Our foreign clients can be divided into two types: families and then a younger, more affluent, often unattached, generation. Families prefer places like Boca Raton, Palm Beach, West Palm Beach and Boynton Beach,” says  Nick Polyushkin, managing Broker at Vera Realty.