The Best Place to Live in Miami

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The most desired place to live in Miami is by far the illustrious and renowned South Beach (more commonly known as SoBe). It is a neighborhood located to the eastern side of Miami, situated between the sweeping Biscayne Bay and the unending Atlantic Ocean. Though the area has been renovated and re-renovated for more than one hundred years now, it is still one of the hottest, flashiest, and most stylish places to be in Miami.

While South Beach was originally farm land back in 1870, it has since evolved to something much trendier and more popular. Throughout the early to mid-1900s, it continued to grow and become more popular (going through many phases, including a short period in the early 1940s when the Army Air Corps took command of the area, as well as when the well-known television program Miami Vice filmed several episodes there), until the 1980s rolled around and made it into the hip, trendy hangout place that it is today.

These days, South Beach is an entertainment hotspot, containing dozens of nightclubs, boutiques, hotels, and restaurants within. There are also hundreds of tourist destinations and tourist residences there, providing the area with a healthy cash flow from both interstate tourism as well as intercontinental, particularly European, tourism. Europeans are usually quite drawn to South Beach. The annual Pride Parade is a spectacle in its own right as well. In addition, the beach itself at SoBe is a wonderful place to visit, with beautiful skies and warm waters to delight in. Through and through, South Beach has proven to be an excellent place to either visit, invest in, or live in.

However, there are many more attractions to visit in Miami as well. Take, for example, the famed and quite modernist downtown section of the city. With large and towering skyscrapers, as well as plenty of shops to find interest in, downtown Miami will surely peak your interest one way or another.

If you happen to have a rather substantial number of monetary units set aside, you may take a fancy to the exclusively charming Coconut Grove, also colloquially referred to as “the Grove”. With the fascinating architectural structures there, as well as the yearly Coconut Grove Art Festival, showcasing some of the most exquisite artworks in the world, you’ll be sure to be enchanted by the wonderful neighborhood’s daytime scene. However, there is also an incredibly pulchritudinous nightlife in the district, with tourists, students from the renowned University of Miami, and local residents alike coming together to celebrate and enjoy life in their own little district.

In addition, there is also the dazzling Coral Gables area of Miami, with most of the buildings within structured in the elegant yet regal Mediterranean Revival style of architecture. While the district is quite renown for its beautiful buildings, it is also known for being the Fine Dining Capital of South Florida, with numerous restaurants available serving only the most ambrosial of courses possible. Coral Gables also has the brilliant advantage of being quite well situated, being only minutes away from the illustrious South Beach, as well as the charming Coconut Grove. The district also has many employees of the prestigious University of Miami residing there, with plenty more jobs available for new residents as well. Fresh Del Monte Produce and Capital Bank Financial also both have their headquarters in Coral Gables, which provides for many more career opportunities than there would be otherwise.

Finally, there is the beauteous neighborhood of Little Havana. Though it was originally a lower-class district, it has, in recent times, become a thriving and enticing tourist destination. The South River Drive Historic District, a portion of Little Havana, also contains nine historic buildings, an interesting place to visit and travel to indeed.

While all of the surrounding areas are quite nice to visit, there really is no place quite like South Beach to call home.