About Us


Vera Realty was established in 2012 in Palm Beach, FL. Our mission is to be the most innovative, forward looking, people oriented and highly efficient Real Estate Agency in the world, with focus on people, believe and trust.
Our team is in constant learning process in the world of real estate. Today, Real Estate market is being revolutionized with a new technology and fresh ways of sales and buying of real estate, but the most important in Real Estate business is personalized touch and individual relationships with attention to details.
Vera Realty is a proud partner with trustworthy and reliable partners all over the world. Among them Fortune 500 development companies and International Banks and Private Equity firms.
During your lifetime you invest in many assets, but Real Estate is one of the most  valuable, which is in need of constant attention of professionals.
In Vera Realty we build our relationships with you through our long-lasting partnership. Our partnership begins when we meet in person in our office or at the showing or listing appointment. We will listen to all your wishes and desires and provide you with plenty of choices for your future real estate asset.
Nick Polyushkin is the director of the South Florida based brokerage company Vera Realty.
Annually  more than three hundred transactions are closed   through our Brokerage. The turnover of the company is more than $ 100 million.
In 2015 many clients of Nick became interested in buying commercial real estate for profit. Because of the high prices of the properties and the difficulties of obtaining loans, they did not have the opportunity to buy the properties on their own. Then Nick came with the idea of ​​co-investment for customers with different income levels and created a platform Vera Fund.
Nick invested more than $ 2,500,000 of his own funds in a number of properties with investors, which still bring good dividends. The requests for such a service are increasing, and the company “Vera.Fund” was created in 2016 in Palm Beach, Florida to coordinate that work.
Nick’s and nick’s family companies  gives an opportunity to all clients who wish to receive passive income and to increase their capital.
Sincerely yours,
Nick Polyushkin